General Rules - All Vendors

1.    Each booth space will measure approximately 12’ (wide) x 10’ (deep).  This space extends out from curb.  Spaces are numbered and marked on the street.

2.    Each vendor must supply his or her own table(s), chair(s), drop cords, and canopies as needed or desired.

3.    All booths are required to stay open from 9 am until 6 pm, even if all items are sold.  Please do not dismantle your booth until the festival closes! 

4.    During set-up, unload your vehicle at your space, park your vehicle in a designated lot, then return to set up your booth.  Do not leave your vehicle parked on the street while you set up, as this blocks the vendors behind you who are trying to set up.

5.    Due to size of the Ham & Yam Festival, both in number of participants and facility needs, along with contractual arrangements, it is impossible to schedule a rain date or alternative indoor site.  The festival will, therefore, run on the slated dates regardless of weather.  As the festival is a non-profit event, with all revenues being used to cover event costs and advertisement, registration fees are non-refundable.

6.    No flea market or yard sale items may be sold.  The sale of silly string, ink dyes and stink spray are prohibited.

7.    Each vendor is responsible for the security and safety within his or her own booth space. The festival does have overnight security but you will be responsible for securing your booth and merchandise during operation hours.

8.    At the conclusion of the Festival on Saturday (6:00 pm), all tables, chairs, merchandise, etc. must be removed from the street. 

9.   There will be absolutely no drink sales or drink give-a-ways at any craft booth unless they were purchased through DSDC.  Coca-Cola is our official drink sponsor for the Festival, therefore all drink sales for the entire festival go through the DSDC.  If anyone is caught selling drinks without DSDC permission you will be asked to leave immediately.  This includes water.

10.   Show directors reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone whose work is deemed offensive or of questionable taste.

11.   Each vendor conducting sales must prominently display their valid certificate of registration from the North Carolina Department of Revenue.  For more information, please visit

12.   Each vendor is responsible to collect and report sales tax.  Remit to:
                        Sales & Use Tax Division
                        NC Department of Revenue
                        PO Box 25000
                        Raleigh, NC  27640


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